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Adderall Uses: Overview

Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine that belongs to the class of drugs stimulants. Adderall chemical structure contains four amphetamine salts that are amphetamine aspartate, amphetamine sulfate, Dextroamphetamine sulfate, and Dextroamphetamine Saccharate, a Schedule II controlled substance.

It treats ADHD, i.e., Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. ADHD is a neurodevelopment disorder in childhood, and ADHD symptoms may continue in adulthood. Some common symptoms of ADHD are hyperactivity, impulsiveness, disorganization, low focus or concentration.

Therefore, It is a medication that treats ADHD, and the doctor may prescribe it for Narcolepsy. Adderall chemical name is acetaminophen/dextroamphetamine, and the adderall generic form is also available.

Adderall Effects on Psychology

As they are stimulants, they affect the brain by improving the function of certain neurotransmitters that releases chemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine. As a result, it helps a person be calmer and increase the ability to focus and concentrate with good management skills and control behavior problems. In addition, while having adderall, a person can feel more awake and active as it increases energy and focus.

However, its prolonged consumption may cause drug addiction and psychological dependence. In addition, after stopping, withdrawal symptoms can occur and may cause drug cravings.

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Is Adderall Legal?

It is legal to buy or use this medication if you have a prescription. As the drug is a Schedule II Controlled substance, it has a high potential for addiction, abuse, and overdose. However, selling or buying without a prescription is illegal, and one has to pay a fine and even go to jail if caught. Therefore, you should always buy with a prescription and if buying online, remember to buy it from the certified online pharmacy and read their policies or guidelines to be safe.

Are there any Adderall Side effects?

Since Adderall is a controlled substance medication, it will likely have some side effects, mild or intense. However, some common side effects include:

    • Nausea
    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Difficulty Falling
    • asleep
    • Dry mouth
    • Stomach Pain
    • Loss of appetite
    • Mood Changes
    • Increased heart rate
    • Low sex drive

However, there can be severe side effects that one may feel or get by long-term use of Adderall. Some serious side effects are:

  • Allergy reaction
  • Breathing Problems
  • Swelling of Face
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Pain
  • Muscle Twitches
  • Blurred Vision
  • Suicidal Thoughts

More side effects maybe not be mentioned in the list. Regardless, if you feel any of the symptoms worsen with time, you need to consult your doctor immediately.

Moreover, side effects like hallucinations, behavior changes, seizures, twitches, tics can be life-threatening. Therefore, seek professional help immediately to avoid any tragedy.

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Can Drug Abuse be possible with Adderall?

Yes, it can cause drug abuse. Although, a doctor prescribes it for treatment. But it’s overdose or without prescription use, can cause Adderall abuse. The people who mostly abuse are students, athletes, or someone with eating disorders. The most common purpose for which people abuse are:

  • Good academic Scores as it increases concentration
  • Better sports performance due to its activeness
  • Weight loss as it suppresses appetite
  • To stay focused and awake to do more work

Abusing adderall for a long time can cause adverse effects on health. Some of the common side effects of abuse are:

  • Nausea
  • Chest Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Breathing Problems
  • Fever
  • Extreme
  • lightheadedness
  • Uncontrollable Shaking

If one continues to abuse it, it may cause long-term effects and can cause addiction. Moreover, some well-performed studies show that most people who abuse it are young adults of either school or college students.

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We are the most popular, robust, and up-to-date online medical source. Over the past three years, we are providing instant delivery, peer-reviewed, and reliable data to over

4,000+ customers. Order medicines online now! @ adderall wiki

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Adderall 10 mg: usage,and side effects

Adderall 10 mg is a potent central nervous system stimulant drug. It is beneficial for the successful treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

What is Adderall and how does it affect?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a common disease in children. It creates hurdles in paying attention, sitting still, and performing better.

Adderall XR – Treatment and Usage for ADHD

For treating ADHD, Adderall is one of the most beneficial remedies. It is the first selection of experts when it comes to effective treatment for this disorder.

Know More About Adderall

See more about adderall precautions uses, disadvantage etc.

Before talking about doses, let us first know a little about Adderall and Adderall XR. The adderall XR is an extended-release medicine different from other forms as it tends to release slowly and work for long hours. They both are available in different strengths, forms, and dosages, but it is prescribed differently according to the doctor. These are available in the dosage range from 5 mg to 30 mg.

Adderall Doses: The standard dosage is 2-3 times a day with a 4-6 hours gap. The first dose is taken after waking up in the morning. For adults and children over six years of age, the quantity is 5mg once or twice a day, and for children 3 to 5 years, 2.5 mg starting doses are given. The maximum dosage for a day is 40 mg for adults, while for children is 30 mg.

Adderall XR Doses: For XR, the standard dosage is one capsule once a day in the morning. It is advisable to consume the capsule whole and do not break it. The starting dosage is 20 mg once for adults, and for children 6 to 17 age, 10 mg daily once. The maximum dosage is the same for both forms.

Adderall releases certain feel-good chemicals in the body and is a stimulant medication, while alcohol depresses brain activity. However, they both work in different ways, and the combination of both can harm a person badly.

Also, adderall lower the effect of alcohol, so the person drinking will likely drink more as he will not feel anything with less drink. This can lead to alcohol poisoning, and even risk behavior as a person will be intoxicated badly. In addition, it can cause heart problems and behavioral issues.

Adderall and Concerta are both medications that doctors prescribe to treat ADHD. However, they both contain different formulas and chemical salts. The concerta is a brand name for methylphenidate, and the adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine.

The concerta is available in an extended-release form, and the adderall comes in both immediate-release and extended-release. The concerta releases more slowly and can last longer than Adderall.

Similarly, the adderall immediate release lasts for a shorter period while extended-release stay for a more extended period.

The concerta dose depends on your previous dosage and increases with time when it comes to dosage. However, the standard range is 18 mg – 72mg/day. The adderall dosage is already explained above.

They both treat ADHD while working on the brain and are addictive and can cause abuse. Your doctor may suggest the best fit for you according to your condition.

The generic name for Ritalin is similar to Concerta, i.e., methylphenidate. However, there are many properties of Ritalin that are the same as Adderall mechanism of action. The main difference is it’s affecting capabilities. The Ritalin works way sooner than adderall and reaches its peak action more quickly, i.e., around 2-3 hours. However, Adderall works slowly and influences till 4-6 hours.

There are particular things that you need to discuss before starting any medication. Similarly, in the case of Ritalin, discuss with your doctor if you have anxiety, Tourette syndrome, pregnancy, and other conditions.

Certain other medications can cause drug interactions when consuming two different drugs simultaneously. So, in the case of Ritalin, consult your doctor if you are planning or already consuming antidepressants, high blood pressure drugs, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and others.

The typical dosage for children is 10mg/day, while 20mg/day for adults. However, it can be different or higher according to your condition and other factors. The overdose or fatal dosage is around 20-25 mg per kilogram of weight. It can still be less or more depending on the reaction of the person’s body. Sometimes even a smaller dosage can cause an overdose in a person.

The overdose can even cause death. So, remember to use it wisely after the doctor’s prescription. Even after the dosage stops working, contact your doctor for suggestions but do not increase the dose yourself.

The symptoms of overdose can be mild to severe. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Vomiting
  • Heart attack
  • Panic
  • Stomach Pain
  • Rhabdomyolysis
  • High body temperature
  • Sudden Death

Remember, if you overdose or experience any symptoms, consult your doctor before it is too late. Don’t be careless in this matter, as death can be the last outcome of overdose. Overdose can also cause Serotonin syndrome.

While taking Adderall, there are some precautions that you need to take so that you do not have to face its side effects:

Allergies: tell beforehand if you have an allergy to any medication

Health Conditions: Tell your doctor if you are having any persisting health condition like heart problems, blood pressure, and others

Pregnancy: If someone plans to become pregnant or is already, and pregnant women consume the drug, it may harm the infant before he is born. However, your doctor may prescribe you this drug in some cases after checking all the possibilities and conditions.

Breastfeeding: The drug can transfer to your baby through breast milk and cause side effects. If you are taking adderall after a doctor’s prescription and experience some side effects in the baby, stop taking it and consult your doctor immediately.
Family Medical

History: Tell your doctor if any family member has some health conditions like Suicide, bipolar disorder, depression, or addiction in the past.
If having seizures and Psychotic episodes
Having a Drug abuse history

Storage: Remember to store it in a tight container at room temperature and keep it out of reach of others, especially children.

Many online pharmacies sell Adderall online, but sometimes they do not show any privacy of data or guarantee of generic medicines. There are even websites that sell illegal or even fake medications. So before buying online, you need to research and buy from trusted sources only.

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Also, if you have any questions, we have professionals at AdderallWiki, where you can ask any questions about medicines. We have 24/7 customer support service and overnight delivery.

If you want to ask us, Which shipping services do you use? Then we mostly use Usps, FedEx, and Ups for delivering our medications. You can even get free delivery or decent discount options on our website in some cases.

Last Judgement

Adderall can be helpful and practical for you in treating ADHD. But only if you use it under observation for the suggested period. However, apart from working effectively, sometimes it can cause unexpected side effects. Therefore, consult your doctor if you feel something off. Please do not abuse this drug as it can cause death, dependence, and severe addiction. If buying online, remember to buy from reliable sources. Though adderall is a medication, remember not to misuse it.

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