Adderall transformed myself to improve things

For attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Adderall is one of the most
beneficial drugs. It is the first choice of doctors when it comes to effective
medication for ADHD. Besides, doctors also prescribe this drug to patients
who have narcolepsy. However, it is a prescription drug that contains
amphetamine salts.

The formulations of Adderall

Adderall is available in different variations to better suit the medication
requirements. The drug is available in different strengths and has distinct
functionalities, such as:
Adderall immediate-release formulation: It is a regular variation of
Adderall. At the starting of the treatment, doctors usually prescribe
immediate-release formulation. This form of the drug dissolves quickly
inside the body. Which, in turn, provides instant relief from the
symptoms of ADHD. Besides, it does not stay inside the body for more
than four to six hours.
Adderall XR (extended or time-release) formulation: As its name
suggests, this formulation of Adderall dissolves slowly over some time.
Generally, it stays inside the system and dissolves gradually for up to
twelve hours. However, the duration also depends on the medical
condition of the patient. This formulation of Adderall provides longer
extended relief from the symptoms of ADHD.

Which is better? Adderall or Adderall XR

The efficiency of a drug, including Adderall, depends on the symptoms and
medical condition of a patient. Thus, doctors perform several tests to
determine the severity of the symptoms. It helps them to prescribe the most
effective treatment, i.e., Adderall or Adderall XR. However, doctors only
prescribe Adderall XR when a patient requires long term treatment.
Moreover, consult with your doctor if you are confused between these
formulations of Adderall XR. Never take Adderall XR without approving the
usage from an expert doctor. Misusing the drug may lead to adverse impacts that may become severe.

Possibility of Adderall XR addiction

Both Adderall and Adderall XR are potent amphetamines. Thus, they are
highly addictive in medical and non-medical usage. However, the possibilities of addiction are minimal as long as you are taking the drug as prescribed. Besides, a person can quickly build dependency while misusing Adderall. However, Adderall addiction may develop and become severe over time. Taking alcohol, opioids, and other sedative drugs may also cause addiction.
Common signs of addiction may include:
● While having an addiction, regular doses of Adderall or Adderall XR will
not provide any relief. Thus, you may tend to increase the dosage on
your own.
● It may cause withdrawals when you do not take Adderall. It is a
common sign of having a drug addiction.
● The person will like to stay alone most of the time.

Wrapping it up

Both Adderall and Adderall XR have the same properties, but they work
differently. Also, it works differently for every patient. Therefore, a person
should consult with a doctor before using Adderall. At recreational usage,
Adderall may cause addiction or overdose as well. To reduce the risks of
addiction, take the small doses, and avoid taking alcohol with Adderall.

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